95-240mm (BLMT-95/240-13) Mechanical Lugs BLMT Conductor / TE Connectivity


Raychem Mechanical Lugs 95-240mm:

These Raychem mechanical lugs are made of special aluminum alloy and are double shear head bolts with hexagon heads. These bolts are treated with a highly lubricating agent to reduce friction in the head joint. Contact bolts must be removed after their heads have been sheared off so they can avoid slipping from one point to another.

These excellent lugs are great for securing metal to metal, steel to steel, and hard plastics to metal. Mix your own hardware with these contact bolts for more security than ordinary self-tapping screws.

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TE Connectivity / Raychem HV mechanical lug for copper & aluminum conductors.

TE Connectivity’s (TE) mechanical lugs are designed for use in low and medium-voltage applications. Three sizes of BLMT cover conductors ranging from 25 mm² to 400 mm². These lugs consist of a tin-plated body, shear head bolts, and inserts for small conductor sizes.

Made of special aluminum alloy, these contact bolts are double shear head bolts with hexagon heads. The bolts are treated with a highly lubricating agent. Contact bolts are irremovable once their heads have been sheared off. The lug body is made of a high-tensile, tin-plated aluminum alloy. The internal surface of the conductor holes is grooved.

Lugs are suitable for outdoor and indoor applications and are available in different palm hole sizes. The bolted fitting featured herein is developed specifically for use in medium voltage cable accessories up to 42 kV. They may also be used in the 1 kV range.


  • Designed to be connected to a conductor to facilitate the termination of the cable without the need for crimping.
  • High tensile tin plated aluminum alloy
  • Shear bolt technology to ensure a good electrical connection
  • Solid moisture block between palm and barrel
  • A smooth profile prevents damage to the insulation or sealing sleeves
  • No elongation during installation
  • Easy installation with a standard socket spanner
  • Wide application range
  • Compact design
  • Tested according to IEC 61238-1 class A
  • Larger sizes available on request

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