Luggage and Carcass Tags


Marking tag that is versatile and incredibly useful for a wide range of purposes, whether it be identifying luggage or big game carcass identification.

Customizable and writeable with a permanent marker pen

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Luggage and Carcass Tie Identification Tags

Polypropylene cable tie style locking system with writeable tag area.

Great for luggage identification or easy carcass identification for big game stalking and dealing.

The non-return locking mechanism ensures the tag stays firmly in place, providing a stable, flexible and fully customisable method of identification and carcass tagging.

The polypropylene tie is a one-piece, simple design. Simply loop the tail around and pull through the tags base as you would any cable tie. No fiddly hooks or strings to attach.

Can be marked with a permanent marker pen either prior to use or in situ. The absence of a pre-printed template provides freedom to mark up as needed.

Luggage & Carcass Tags are also useful on other items such as equipment and vehicles for easy and secure identification.


  • Label length: 60mm
  • Effective Length: 190mm (60mm bundle diameter)
  • Overall Length: 295mm

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Black, red, White, yellow