Low Density Polyurethane Resin Compound (R2MEB700) 2 Part Pirelli

£90.94  (INCL. VAT)

R2MEB700 two-part low-density polyurethane resin, suitable for use within all of our ranges of resin-filled Medium Voltage cable joints.

Available in a 7 litre tub.

Various Pack Sizes

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Low Density Two Part Polyurethane Resin (LDPU) has enhanced performance characteristics compared with conventional two part systems. The pre-filled resin is supplied in a twin pack pouch which provides a totally enclosed mixing system.

MEB700 – Inside each bucket 2 pouches with 3.5 litres of resin, total 7 litres (sold as 1 bucket of 7 litres)

• The combination of fillers used provides greater fluidity in the mixed resin
• This also ensures that filler dispersion is improved
• The enhanced flow characteristics allow more efficient filling in complex joint configurations
• The resin has excellent adhesion to XLPE, PVC, Lead etc.
• Can be supplied for use in both tropical and temperate climates
• Filled joints may be energised immediately if left undisturbed
• Type approved in LV joints (ENA TS C81/3 and BS EN 50393)
• Tested in accordance with CENELEC Specification HD631.1