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Heavy Duty Industrial Welding Machine Extension Cord utilized for Leister Welding Machines

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Heavy Duty Industrial Welding Machine Extension Cord utilised for Leister Welding Machines.

The 16A extension leads are made up of 2.5mm 3 core SY cable 3mm x 4mm², 12.5mm diameter. SY cable – Plain annealed flexible copper conductors, PVC insulated extruded PVC bedding, galvanised steel wire braid armour, transparent PVC outer sheath. 300/500 volts grade generally to BS6500 and VDE 0250 class 5.

These extension leads are also ideal for caravan hookups, tent hookups, hookups for boats and a whole host of other applications.


  • Used as interconnecting cable for measuring, controlling or regulation in control equipment for assembly and production lines, conveyors and for computer units.
  • Suitable for fixed installations or for flexible use in conditions of light mechanical stress.
  • Can be used outdoors when protected, and in dry or moist conditions indoors.
  • The braided screen offers the best possible protection against mechanical damage and offers a level of Electro-magnetic shielding.
  • Galvanised coating helps protect against corrosion.

Standards: Generally to BS6500, VDE0250
Conductor: Class 5 flexible annealed plain copper conductors to BS EN 60228:2005 (previously BS6360), VDE0295, IEC 60228


  • Sheath: PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) conforming to TM 2 as specified in BS EN 50363-4-1:2005
  • Sheath Colour: Transparent
  • Voltage Rating: 300/500V
  • Operating Temperature: -15°C to 70°C
  • Minimum Bending Radius: 10 x overall diameter
  • Short Circuit Temperature: 160°C
  • Core Identification: Black with White numbers. (3 cores and above to include Green/Yellow)
  • All extension leads include a blue 16A plug and 16A Connector (socket).

Safety Information:

Leads must never be coiled up when in use. When couplers are in use, the 2 halves should be secured by the locking ring to prevent separation.