High Voltage Electric Vehicle Cable 50mm² – Unscreened Automotive – EV500 | Coroplast 9-2652


Single Core Multi Stranded Coroplast 9-2652 Electric Vehicle Cable from premium German manufacturer Coroplast.  High voltage (HV), silicone insulated, single core multi-stranded automotive cable for use in electric and hybrid vehicles for component interconnection.

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This High Voltage Unscreened EV Cable is intended for Electric Vehicle battery high voltage system, flexible and easy to bend.

High Voltage electric vehicle cable is used for connecting the charging port and the battery, battery inter-wiring, the battery and the engine and other electrical components to carry the electric current power. This type of high voltage electric vehicle cable can meet very high-performance levels under the harsh environment requirements inside the car.

The Unscreened EV cable is high and low-temperature resistance, oil resistance, acid and alkali resistant, waterproof, wear-resisting, anti-cracking, anti UV, good flame retardant performance, good electrical conductivity, and all the materials comply with ROHS & REACH the latest standards.


FHL2G 70 – Specifications:

  • Rated Voltage 600V / 1000V / 1500V
  • Conductor Annealed Soft Stranded Copper wire
  • Insulation 125℃~150℃ Thermosetting elastomers/150℃ TPE
  • Max.Working temperature ISO 6722 Class C:125℃, Class D:150℃
  • Working Temperature – 40°C~150°C
  • Designation Cross Section – FHL2G 70 mm
  • Diameter (mm) – 15.10
  • Conductor [mΩ/m] –   -0.8
  • Low cross-sectional area for any application, reducing weight and construction room

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