High Voltage Electric Vehicle Cable 16mm² Screened Automotive


Single Core Multi Stranded Coroplast 9-2611 Electric Vehicle Cable from premium German manufacturer Coroplast. High voltage (HV), silicone insulated, single core multi-stranded automotive cable for use in electric and hybrid vehicles for component interconnection.

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16mm² – Screened Automotive High Voltage Electric Vehicle Cable

Connection of HV batteries and electric engines (max. 450/700v)   

This shielded orange cable is suitable for automotive electric powertrain HV connector assemblies, including KERS and ERS (Energy Recovery Systems). It also combines high voltage load handling, EMC shielding and exceptional flexibility required for various automotive applications. Insulated screened orange HV cable for use on electric and hybrid vehicles.


  • Suitable for Max 450/700v
  • Plain copper conductors
  • Tinned copper screening braid and ALU-PET foiled shielding for excellent EMC performance
  • Silicone rubber insulated
  • Suitable for use at temperatures from -40°C to 180°C with excursions up to 205°C
  • Low cross-sectional area for any application, reducing weight and construction room
  • Technical data sheet available on request
  • The conductor specifications shown are representative configurations. The actual cable strand may differ slightly
  • Conductor Specification = 512/0.21mm
  • Conductor Cross Section Diameter = max. 5.8mm
  • Maximum Overall Diameter = 10.2mm
  • Coroplast high voltage, silicone insulated, single-core multi-stranded automotive cable.

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