Cable Breakout Boot 402W516/S(S5)

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Cable Breakout Boot:

A cable breakout boot is used in applications where high levels of insulation and void-free sealing are required. The Cable Breakout Boot (CBO) ensures excellent insulation and void-free sealing of cable breakouts while providing a mechanical and electrical insulating capability. The Cable Breakout Boot is the best solution for removing cables from a board (either for routing or for testing), without voiding the connector boots. Our specially designed boot protects both critical components and also improves insulation performance.

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Raychem low voltage breakouts are an easily installed, light weight insulation for sealing the crutches of plastic, paper and rubber insulated cables up to 1kV. They offer savings in weight, space and time over conventional methods and make overhead installation and cable transport easier.

Requiring no special tools or skills, installation is completed within minutes by simply heating the breakout. The diameter then reduces to tightly grip the outer jacket and the cores.

General Purpose Application, Military Application


  • Application Diameter (Min) (Body) (mm) 14
  • Application Diameter (Max) (Body) (mm) 34
  • Application Diameter (Min) (Leg) (mm) 5
  • Application Diameter (Max) (Leg) (mm) 14
  • Expanded Inside Diameter (Min) (Body) (mm) 38
  • Expanded Inside Diameter (Min) (Leg) (mm) 16
  • Leg Length (mm) 28
  • Overall Length (mm) 103
  • Recovered Inside Diameter (Max) (Body) (mm) 13
  • Recovered Inside Diameter (Max) (Leg) (mm) 4.2
  • Recovered Wall Thickness (Max) (Body) (mm) 2.7
  • Recovered Wall Thickness (Max) (Leg) (mm) 1.5
  • Body Length (mm) 45